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Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

Yoshi’s Crafted World Review

If you know anything about Yoshi’s Crafted World, you will know exactly what to expect with this game. It’s by no means a tough game, but it’s a whole lot of fun regardless. Yoshi’s crafted games aren’t known for being hardcore difficult games and Yoshi’s Crafted World may be his easiest journey yet. The game is clearly designed as more of a relaxing, laid back adventure. The enemies themselves are passive and the realistic cardboard scenery is beautiful. Yoshi’s new costume sets offer vasts amounts of damage protection while his mid-air hover can be chained together seemingly forever. However, there is plenty of quality content to see and experience in the game. Yoshi’s Crafted World’s levels are crammed to the maximum with collectibles and hidden secrets.

The graphics in Yoshi’s Crafted World need to be seen in order to be believed. The graphics and animations are as smooth as butter. Even the cardboard-look aesthetic is borderline photo realistic. The realistic-cardboard environments are nothing short of stunning. Yoshi himself is a joy to control and has adorable sound effects and smooth animations. Yoshi can still eat his enemies and turn them into egg-based ammunition. Even better, Yoshi can now aim his foes-turned-to-eggs into any target the player chooses. The game features 40-plus levels which are grouped into themed worlds (ice world, desert world, etc.) Each of these worlds has a few levels, and each level looks like a homemade cardboard diorama literally hanging from strings. The music and sound effects in the rest of the game are both cute and charming.

Each stage in Yoshi’s Crafted World features Smiley Flowers and 20 Red Coins to search for and find. It’s very fun replaying stages to go back and find all the Red Coins. Each level features some great game play mechanics, but the really great ones never show back up in the game (instead moving on to the nest game play mechanic). You pretty much start a new world, learn a new game play mechanic, master that mechanic to beat that world, and rinse and repeat. Once you defeat the game, you do get bonus challenge stages. They are some of the best stages in the entire game. However, you only get four stages, and you’ll wish there were more of them.

Another extra feature to lengthen your enjoyment with Yoshi’s Crafted World are the Flip-Side levels. You get these pretty early on in the game and they allow you to play through any stage of the game backwards. The goal of this mode is to finish the level as fast as possible. Graphically, these levels are a lot of fun because you get to see and experience all the unfinished edges on all the stages you’ve previously played through. This sets up more than just a mirror-mode rehash and makes for a very fun speed running challenge. Yoshi’s Crafted World also features over 170 costumes to collect in the game. Some of these you can unlock in the game and some can be unlocked from certain Amiibo figures. Some of these costumes boost your defense in the game, but they are not required to wear at all times. The costumes can be helpful in the two-player co-op mode. There’s even a costume featuring Yoshi wearing a Yoshi costume. Cute, right?

The co-op mode is mostly fun, but sometimes the screen can get a little too crowded for two players. There doesn’t seem to be as much screen available as their was in New Super Bros. U Deluxe. One cool new feature in co-op mode, however, is that one Yoshi can now ride around on the other Yoshi. In this setup, one player controls Yoshi’s movement while the other player controls the aiming and firing of Yoshi’s eggs. It’s a weird, but fun, new game play feature.

The Verdict

Although there’s not a lot of real difficulty to test players, Yoshi’s Crafted World does feature multiple twists and extra features to keep you engaged in the game. The main game only lasts about ten hours, but completionists will want to immediately dive into the four bonus levels and go back and try to 100% complete each stage.

Yoshi's Crafted World











  • Adorable
  • Fantastic visuals
  • Playable by gamers of all skill levels


  • Repetitive music
  • Mixed level quality
  • Gets confusing during multiplayer