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Antstream Looks To Become First Retro Game Streaming Service

Antstream Looks To Become First Retro Game Streaming Service

With Google’s Stadia streaming platform on the horizon, the world of streaming games is expanding rapidly. However, Antstream has a different plan for game streaming: retro gaming. Think about it. Stadia’s games are going to require gigabytes of date to be streamed in ordered to play current-gen games. But how much data do retro games use? Remember, these are games that mostly were manufactured on cartridges or even floppy disks. So the games will load instantly and not use very much bandwidth or data. There’s no downloading, no emulators, no tracking down vintage gaming consoles – just straight up streaming. Antstream’s games run in the cloud on ultra-fast, high spec servers. The games are then sent to players as an interactive video stream. Basically, if it has Internet access, it will probably play the Antstream app (if it’s available). Because it’s streaming, it really doesn’t matter if you have an older PC or tablet. The Antstream app and its game were designed to run on any PC, tablet, or phone. All the games on Antstream have been custom configured to be playable with a keyboard, gamepad and/or touch screen interface. Antstream does recommend a Microsoft Xbox 360/Xbox One style gamepad for the best player experience.

Antstream has already announced the first 200 games, and further claims that they already have over 2,000 fully licensed titles lined up so far. Antstream stresses that new titles are being added every week and urges players to always keep an eye out for new game announcements. Sure, there are a lot of oddball titles on the list of 200 announced games, but there are plenty of classic treasures there, as well. Featured games include Double Dragon, Fatal Fury, Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja, Metal Slug, Karate Champ, California Games, Bermuda Triangle, Ikari Warriors, BurgerTime, Joe & Mac, Speedball, Gods, and more. One of the screenshots provided by the company even shows Mortal Kombat and Joust, but those titles have yet to be announced.

Sure, most of these titles could be found on a torrent site along with an emulator, but that’s the other benefit of Antstream: you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues because it is a streaming service. The service will run smoothly regardless of what hardware you are running it on (tablet or PC). Even better, Antstream adds leaderboards and multiplayer challenges to all these classic games so players can track and compare their progress and scores online.

The Antstream application will be available on PC, Xbox, Mac, and Android devices at launch with more platforms to follow after its debut. Antstream added that iOS devices should follow soon after launch once the Antstream application approved by Apple. Antstream says there will be more than 400 titles available when the application launches.